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Open 7 AM - 9 PM Daily

The Dog Resort
​​12140 Metro Pkwy
Ft Myers FL 33966

  1. Alyssa B
    Alyssa B
    Playroom Supervisor (Dog Care Specialist)
  2. Gayle G
    Gayle G
    Business Owner Opened the business in 2006
  3. Jenn M
    Jenn M
    Manager (Dog Care Specialist) Here since 2009
  4. Jessica L
    Jessica L
    Dog Care Specialist Here since 2012
  5. Kathy M
    Kathy M
    The Treat Lady (Retail Specialist) Here since 2010
  6. Matt C
    Matt C
    Playroom Supervisor (Dog Care Specialist) Here since 2014
  7. Melanie O
    Melanie O
    Dog Care Specialist
  8. Morgan G
    Morgan G
    Dog Care Specialist
  9. Nannette H
    Nannette H
    Dog Care Specialist Here since 2015
  10. Pilar B
    Pilar B
    Playroom Supervisor (Dog Care Specialist)
  11. Shelby A
    Shelby A
    Personnel Director (Dog Care Specialist) Here since 2013
  12. Sydney D
    Sydney D
    Dog Care Specialist
  13. Tiffany P
    Tiffany P
    Playroom Supervisor / Retail Associate (Dog Care Specialist)
  14. Jason E
    Jason E
    Dog Care Specialist
  15. Joseph E
    Joseph E
    Dog Care Specialist

*All of our Sitters are required to complete two extensive courses on off-leash play and dog body langauge.  Once they have completed all the modules and tests for both courses, they are given the title of Dog Care Specialist*